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Make Spirits Bright, Donate A Night!

Picture the Festive Season - a time meant for joy and togetherness - now overlay it with the weight of battling breast cancer; It's a burden too heavy for many.
Yet, in this season of giving, you have the power to make a profound difference.

Each year, with the help of people like you, The Otis Foundation gifts retreat accommodation at no cost to those who need it most. This invaluable time away with loved ones, gives our guests time to relax, recharge, reconnect and create invaluable memories; reducing the psychological impacts of the disease.

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You can make a difference

Isla was 32 weeks pregnant with her second child when she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Breast Cancer. Just two days after beginning chemotherapy, Isla was rushed to the hospital with contractions. At 34 weeks, her second son Freddie entered the world prematurely.

Otis allows for happy memories to be created even in the hardest of times

Amid this whirlwind, Isla and her husband Trevor reached out to The Otis Foundation. "A few weeks prior, we were reminiscing about a past family trip, we honestly thought that would be our last holiday. Having a special little holiday booked while we were trying to deal with the news of upcoming surgery, meant there was less of a mental burden."

The embrace of The Otis Foundation came at a crucial time. Isla and her family, seeking respite from their new harsh realities, spent five precious nights at Otis' Penwerris retreat.

"It was a much-needed break from the reality of Cancer life."

“On a night, when our kids were asleep, Trevor and I read through comments from previous guests in the guest book. It was a hard read that brought us to tears. Because of the Otis Foundation and people offering homes like Penwerris, lives are changed. It felt surreal that I was going through something similar to these individuals and, once again, it reinforced the importance of this stay.”

Isla recalled one of her favourite memories from her stay, “One of the wet and rainy days, Bailey, my eldest son, was laughing with his Daddy and watching three fox puppies running around the property outside while I was feeding 12-week-old baby Freddie.”

“Our Otis stay was a vital family getaway needed during a challenging time. The Otis Foundation allows for happy memories to be created even in the hardest of times.“

In the midst of adversity, your support transforms lives, offering families like Isla's a sanctuary of solace for creating enduring moments of joy.

Donations can be made directly to Otis here or through our fundraising page -> or by calling The Otis Foundation directly on 03 5444 1185.

Otis returns 83c in every $1 goes directly to Otis' core program. This return is well above the industry standard.

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Thank you High St Xray for matching $3,000 worth of donations.
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What a truly wonderful organisation and fantastic way to share the Christmas spirit.
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