Testimonials from our guests

The OTIS Foundation hosts close to 3000 guests each year and continues to receive feedback about the significant benefit that is created by a stay at 'OTIS'. These are a few of the messages left by our guests:

We thank you for letting us share your piece of heaven.
Did not realise how much we needed this! Our tension, stress and worry of the B.C. journey is eased, spirit and souls recharged; we leave more relaxed, calm and even closer than before.
The solitude, silence and scenery are amazing and I really appreciate how fortunate I am. I will treasure my memories and draw on them to retain these precious feelings.
both feel energised and positive as a full recovery seems a certainty.
The magic has worked - we now happily go home relaxed and rejuvenated.
Being here in the mountain with the crisp fresh air and splendid gum trees has been so healing and uplifting for me.
A wonderful place to gather strength and recuperate and start to participate in life's joys again.
What a wonderful dream filled experience. This is a healing place; a forget your cares place.
Thank you for the opportunity to visit and stay in such a beautiful spiritual place. There is a sense of calm now.
To be still, to be at peace, to be able to breathe again.
There is a very special feeling here: LOVE.
We need to take the time to just sit and watch the world go by.
Although it’s months since I was diagnosed, the love and generosity haven’t stopped.
The tranquility here is just what I needed.
Truly an oasis in the midst of a stormy season.
Thank you to all the women before me who left a little part of their spirit within these walls.
Serenity, love and care – what more could you want in life?
To receive unexpected kindness will always make us “strong in the broken places”.
I have cried, laughed and cherished that I am lucky to make this journey as the world is really a beautiful place.
This place is calling us back before we leave.
Over the days I was privileged to stay here in this natural, unspoiled retreat I felt myself became calmer, well rested, able to return to my world.
Very nurturing to the spirit.
The love that’s retained within these walls greets you as you enter. Thank you isn’t enough!
Magically spiritual after the chaos and confusion of my diagnosis, I realised here that it’s really going to be okay after all.
This healing spell and time just for me has brought so many gifts, including renewed resolve and fortitude that there is hope and that the world is still a beautiful place.
The moonlit landscape, when sleep does not come, is just magical.
What peace you have given to all who have entered this place of paradise.
So privileged to be part of the dream.
Wow, I didn't realize I was so in need of a break.
The beauty of this place cannot be described nor is it estimable.
It was so nice to stop, breathe, relax and focus on what’s important. I’m now ready to fight this every inch of the way.
From the moment I pulled into the drive I felt I was being lovingly held by all that The Otis Foundation.
I feel humbled by the incredible act of kindness bestowed upon my family and I during this “hell year”.
Life was a dark shade of grey for a while, now it’s full of rainbows.
I didn't think I was feeling stressed by things until I came here and felt totally relaxed.
We are leaving here a more relaxed and stronger family.
Thank you for your vision and the gift of “wellness” that overcomes all my fears
It meant so much for us -a group of family and friends to stay at Bramare recently. We so enjoyed : Running around that enormous house playing hide and seek. Cooking up a storm in that fabulous kitchen. Listening to the wonderful hum of life -of birdcalls, animals and insects. Screaming when the biggest huntsman spider we had ever seen went scurrying across the floor. Debating all sorts of things -universal and miniscule. Waking up in those extraordinary rooms watching the kangaroos. Picking fresh herbs just touched by the sun. Getting muddy down by the creek. Falling about with laughter and, hugging each other with tears streaming down our faces when we left. We know its never to be repeated and for that we can't thank you enough.


OTIS Retreats

The OTIS Foundation currently has retreats available across five states. To find out more about our retreats click on the thumbnail image below or browse the Retreat dropdown menu at the top of this page.

Anyone who has faced the challenges of living with breast cancer is eligible to stay at an OTIS retreat, along with their partners, family or friends. 

To book a stay at an OTIS retreat contact our bookings team: 

  • Call us during Victorian business hours (03) 5444 1184
All retreats are subject to availability. Waiting times may apply.



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