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The OTIS Foundation provides retreat accommodation at no cost to those dealing with the challenges of breast cancer. 

We aim to provide immediate relief to people who need a short-term break away.

The not-for-profit charity organisation was proudly born in the Central Victorian township of Bendigo and has undergone a rapid and exciting expansion over recent years.

The hundreds of guests who take advantage of The OTIS Foundation's retreat accommodation each year consider the organisation an amazing gift at a time when they need it the most.

The Foundation currently has properties in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland and Northern Territory and is strongly committed to ongoing growth.

OTIS retreats offer time out to relax, reconnect and regroup for those dealing with the challenges that come alongside this serious illness.

Each retreat has been donated for its location, in a beautiful environment which allows guests to draw on nature for strength and comfort.

Anyone who has faced the challenges of dealing with breast cancer is eligible to stay at an OTIS retreat, along with their partner, family or friends.

To find out more watch our video below for an overview of the positive impact an OTIS stay has on its guests. 

Otis Retreats

The OTIS Foundation currently has retreats available across five states. To find out more about our retreats click on the thumbnail image below or browse the Retreat dropdown menu at the top of this page.

Anyone who has faced the challenges of living with breast cancer is eligible to stay at an OTIS retreat, along with their partners, family or friends. 

To book a stay at an OTIS retreat contact our bookings team: 

  • Call us during Victorian business hours (03) 5444 1184
All retreats are subject to availability. Waiting times may apply.


It meant so much for us -a group of family and friends to stay at Bramare recently. We so enjoyed : Running around that enormous house playing hide and seek. Cooking up a storm in that fabulous kitchen. Listening to the wonderful hum of life -of birdcalls, animals and insects. Screaming when the biggest huntsman spider we had ever seen went scurrying across the floor. Debating all sorts of things -universal and miniscule. Waking up in those extraordinary rooms watching the kangaroos. Picking fresh herbs just touched by the sun. Getting muddy down by the creek. Falling about with laughter and, hugging each other with tears streaming down our faces when we left. We know its never to be repeated and for that we can't thank you enough.
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